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Losing distance on your drive?  As people get older, everyone usually blames it on their loss of strength.  But usually the strength of your muscles  (especially muscles involved with your golf swing) don’t change that much.  So why the loss of distance?  How about a loss of range of motion? As we age our range of motion decreases.  A decreased range of motion, especially in our mid back and low back, will result in a decrease in the “turn” of our golf swing. This loss of turn, or decrease in our range of motion of our spine, will drastically shorten the length of our drive (as well as all of our other clubs). Chiropractic treatment can improve the range of motion of your spine, thereby increasing the distance of your drive.  So if you feel like you are losing distance on your shots… increase your range of motion through Chiropractic and join us on the “Blue” tees.

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